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December 3rd, 2013, 1:05 am

Class is Over! :D Zubats will Return!

I will be taking I Like To Draw Zubats out of hiatus starting next Monday, so I can make a buffer SO THIS TYPE OF HIATUS NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN. Thanks to all of you, new and old, for sticking around for these past two months of no updates!

As for the update schedule, I'll be stick to a 3x a week schedule, so I don't eat up my buffer. I'll probably delay the "NOT-SO-SPECIAL-AND-SHOULDN'T-HAVE-TAKEN-THIS-LONG" special comic until it's finished, and writing the subplot stories around the comic now inserting the special in at the appropriate time with a "INSERTED SPECIAL COMIC" update on the front page. This is so that I don't sit on an "ARTIST" or "WRITERS" Block for a month trying to create a comic that I've hyped up and won't really amount to anything that special.

Now, in regards to why the hiatus happened was due to multiple factors: First, was the special comic, which was eating up a lot of my free time with drawing and redrawing panels. Then my scanner died making me have to use my old, lower quality, scanner to upload pages and work through the comic. I also started using a much more user-friendly Paint.NET program, rather than GIMP or just brute-forcing with Paint and a sketchbook. The other two factors were the class which ate up most of my mornings and a bowling league which ate up a good chunk of my weekend. The bowling league I could work around as it only meets every other month, but the class was leaving me exhausted every week while I was also doing this comic and working 9-10 hours a day. However, now that class is over and the next class doesn't start until Mid-January, I can easily spend all my free time working on the comic, and building the buffer.

Things to expect: I'm working on making another clay sculpture, which I plan to paint, as my old one broke. I have the materials to make a Papier-mâché Zubat, and a pipe cleaner Zubat for the EVERY ART FORM EVER continual project I've been doing. I have some story lines lined up for Zubat side-stories and moveset comic concepts. I plan to do some introspective comics and release the "while on hiatus" comics that I quickly/hastily wrote up. I'm working on some ideas for the 100th-ish comic as well as the next subscriber comic whenever that happens.

So please bug me here, or at my email, if I fail to make these things happen because I do this for me, but also for you guys and gals. Thanks for your patience, and I'll see you Monday, December 9, 2013.

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