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99th Comic Spectacular

March 13th, 2015, 7:01 am

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Posted by Mindscape_Jem

Special Comics are So Much Fun!

A slice of life comic? In 'I Like To Draw Zubats'? More likely than you'd think!
So here we are the official point where I have made more comics for this comic than I have ever made with all my previous comics combined. Even the ones I've never posted anywhere. This comic took hours to complete, which combined with me going to school translates to days or weeks of work. However, I still wanted to get it out before I overrode any special comics with normal update ones.

This comic utilized all my limited skills for comic-making. I wrote the script, and story boarded the idea. I drew multiple iterations of the each drawing until I got one that worked. I started working on this project back around the time I posted the hotel stays (contradictory to the over-complicating comic). Then on the technology side, I used to rotate and resize a bunch of drawings. Normal Paint.exe for editing some drawings and general layout purposes.

The main difficulty with this comic was not the technical stuff, but really a sense of scale. The box definitely changed dimensions, but I was really trying to give a sense of "How big is Zubat?" (Malocular is a name I've been throwing around since the Collector comic) and "How big is Kirlia in relation to Zubat?" (I've also been throwing around Curly for her.) I was going for posing, and expressing emotions much more naturally, so people can understand the comic without needing a bunch of words. If I knew how to convey an Anniversary without simply saying it, then I would have and with the Poffins idk ...I guess that was a mistake whatever.
This comic, and all these comics are made for you guys and gals that stick with me through this project. You might not comment much, but it is always awesome to hear your input. It makes it feel worth it. So Thank you for sticking with me and I hope to be able to produce more of these in the future!

Thank you

Hatter98 for being my first "real" fan.

Janobii for your continued compliments.

1ce_k1d for being the first to comment on my site and being the most frequent commenter.

The short-lived Rhaphoenix for inspiring me to drawing things other than Zubat.

Kennelofdog, ModestMouse, Wugfish, AscherWolf4, Sike and Vixenkiba for being part of the 9 fans roll-out, and inspiring me to try my hand at drawing all your avatars. @_@

redyoshi93 for making things difficult. :P

And finally, supersonic1009, Linkziken, frogace55, starrysky789, ShinigamiMaxwell, natleimas and PokeManiac_girl for joining my motley crew of fans.

I sincerely thank all of you for helping me out, and supporting me. If you ever have a suggestion, I'll truly consider it and try to make it a reality.
Next comic is number 100, I do have something planned, but I'm not sure if I want to because this is the real special one. I'll think about it.

It explains the ribbon.

Below this line was the original comment/rant for this comic.
As seen above, I'm working on the 99th comic special. I'm missing two drawings and then I'm going to do like 98 and compile them together in a more professional manner. However, I'm not home right now. And as much fun as it would be to try to take decent pictures of the art with a camera phone, upload them to my laptop, so that I can edit the photos into a comic (which I was preparing to do and even bought a transfer cable for $20 so I could do), I decided instead to finish the drawings tonight and tomorrow and scan them all with my new scanner at home. Sure it doesn't fit with my new mantra of upload whatever as long as it's on Wednesday, but this is the special one and I already thoroughly missed the one year anniversary (not to mention the other special comic), so I'm going to make this one better, dang it!

So run-on sentences aside, this description, comic and title should be fixed on Thursday, if not then definitely by Friday, but please feel free to give me a message if I somehow get amnesia and forget to do that. No I haven't played Touhou.

Posted at March 11th, 2015, 1:12 am

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