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Phanpy's are High brow Trolls

August 9th, 2013, 7:00 am

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Posted by Mindscape_Jem

Zubat is finally having a comeuppance (yeah that's actually a real word) of sorts. It appears Fancy Phanpy likes to mess with him, she's kind of a jerk like that. Hehe.

Firstly, Props goes to 1ce_k1d for suggesting Zubat use the move Rollout. Secondly, this comic features the eventuality of Zubat using moves that he cannot usually learn through leveling, tutoring, tms, etc. For this format I'll use a synthesis of the three past Zubat forms i.e. 1st gen: top hat and monocle, 2nd gen: Mustache, and 3rd gen: Scarves/Bandanas/Bows/etc.

Now on to the actual commentary, this took awhile to write because I actually lost my script for this and instead wrote and drew that legendary script yesterday. ;_; So, in fact, if I had my original script, this comic would not have existed, fun! I also wanted to use a variant of the first comic I ever wrote for this series, that being Zubat using Poison Sting, which I wrote before I did my research and found Zubats could not learn Poison Sting. The original script for that featured Zubat attacking a Bidoof with his tendril spikes saying, "What did you think they were for, grabbing?" Once I did my research, however, I made that other Bidoof comic and had this half sitting on the sidelines. Now that I introduced a "What If?" series, I can re-purpose the scripts into something useable. Enjoy!

Sorry for the swear, I just thought it fit the scene better than a safer Dangit! or Blargh! :P

Posted at August 9th, 2013, 2:24 am

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