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Life and death Consequences

July 12th, 2013, 7:00 am

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Posted by Mindscape_Jem

I really hate watching Nuzlocke runs that treat Pokemon the same way that they would if they were doing a normal run. I.e. Expendable. If instead they treated them like partners and friends, and then give them a little send off that's always cool and typically touching. But by treating their Pokemon as nothing but tools, no matter how much "emotion" they show when releasing or boxing their "friends" it just looks staged and fake. Either play as you would play if you were actually the trainer, or stop getting us attached to your Pokemon! Augh.

I forgot to color this. Sorry. Durant was chosen because Zubat can't learn Cut, and Heatwave didn't seem like a good move for the solemn feeling I was try to convey. I wanted to use a Pokemon from a previous generation (like Zigzagoon), but when I saw how easily I could make Zebstrika look like Zubat with some blades of tall grass, I had to go with it.

Yes, this is the scariest trainer to be caught by! Why? Because Zubat could actually die with this trainer! In the case of Newbie trainers, he could repeatedly be healed at a Poke Center. Hikers seem like they would treat their Pokemon well, besides some heavy lifting every once in a while. Collectors would just leave Zubat in a box, which while trapped, he could still hang out with other Pokemon placed in the same box. Finally, with Ash Ketchum, Zubat could probably only die from an aneurysm from the sheer stupidity of the battles he would face, but he could ultimately look forward to some plotline where Ash finally sets him free for some reason. Nuzlocke trainers are pretty much a deal until death, and with no grinding, Zubat better hope that Confuse Ray and Toxic work out every time.

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